Released at: December 30, 2008 by Wicked Pictures
In her first starring role as a Wicked Pictures contract girl, Alektra Blue is about to shock and blow your mind with her tremendous sensuality. Award winning director Brad Armstrong takes her mesmerizing beauty and immerses her in his own unique visual style... The result is Alektra-fying! Appearing in 5 of the movies' 7 high voltage scenes, Alektra explores 'all things electric'... from an executioner's chair to hot neon nights, to a down and dirty run in with a set of jumper cables, this raven haired vixen shows us why she was born to be a Wicked Girl. **ed.note: Bonus sex scene with Alektra Blue and Sammi Rhodes is from What Girls Like **

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Scene4: 00:59:36 - 01:16:21 (16:45)

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