Alisia Rae

Released at: December 20, 2017 by Transational Fantasies
Nineteen-year-old trans girl Alisia Rae is bubbly and beautiful. Since starting porn, she has really gotten into guys feet...and massaging them really turns her on. She also likes men who have big butts! As far as her kinks go, she likes having her hair pulled and being choked, especially when she cums. Wouldn't you love for this natural beauty to make you her foot slave? She slips her top down and starts massaging her breasts, all the while telling you how much she likes to have her ass and balls licked. Do you want to watch her twerk? She bends over and jiggles her ass for you. Then, she lies back and plays with her pretty love stick. She sticks a finger up her trans girl pussy. She squeezes her she cock until she squirts out some creamy jizz for you to lick up.

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