Bad Luck Betties, The

Released at: February 20, 2008 by Vivid Alt.
**2009 AVN Award Winner for Best Music Soundtrack.** **2009 AVN Award Nominee for Best Director - Feature, Best Art Direction, Best Editing, Best Special Effects and Best Video Feature** When four aspiring starlets find themselves in the seedy underbelly of show business, their dreams of stardom turn into a living hell. Once deemed "damaged goods", they end up fending for themselves in the margins of society. Now hardened, restless, and with an insatiable appetite for revenge, they take control of "Transaction Junction", the main intersection used by the purveyors of vice to supply Hollywood's demand for contraband. Their lucrative racket is at risk when the completion of the freeway bypass threatens to take away their control of their "Hollywood connection". No one gets in or out without paying their dues!!

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