Blonde Patients Have More Fun

Released at: June 27, 2016 by Fake Hospital
Fake Hospital is proud to present ~~Blonde Patients Have More Fun~~. Something's in the air today at the Fake Hospital, because beautiful blonde babes are flocking to the doctors for the best treatment available. Laura has a big bruise from hard sex with her boyfriend, and is hoping her doctor can make her feel better. Karol has to give a urine sample but just can't seem to go. The doctor offers his help in stimulating her pussy so she can feel more comfortable, but instead she just gets really horny, and the only cure for horny is a nice creampie. Lilith catches her doctor fooling around with the nurse, and decides that nursing is the job for her! Adel is waiting for her appointment in the reception room, but gets so feverish that she needs to strip down. The doctor's prognosis is a quick fuck on the reception desk to cool her off.

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