City of Flesh #4 - Indulgence

Released at: April 21, 2011 by Stella Films Productions
Indulgence is an erotic masterpiece you won't want to miss! It blends an enticing combination of fresh and experienced talent in six different vignettes... A man's ex-girlfriend pressures him to have sex. Eventually he does, leading to an incredible anal scene! The actors (Lou and Holly) had a natural attraction for each other and deliver amazingly authentic sex! A female boss (Alexa) has sex with someone who's supposed to be the delivery guy (Frank). Her curious receptionist (Bunny) decides to do the same thing with the repair man (Ricky D). These two sexual fantasies will take you beyond the wildest imagination! Lucy Lucy and Alexa create incredible energy wearing pink-and-black teddies, cat ears and cat tails. These sexy felines walk around on all fours, meowing, scratching, sniffing and licking each other. It's like nothing you've ever seen! After a brief spat on their anniversary, a couple makes up in bed. The intimate encounter that Alexa and Red Bull share is soft, tender and deliciously sweet. A woman has sex with her 'alter ego'...wearing a blindfold. The women (Holly and Anita Blue) engage in very visually appealing acts throughout the entire episode. This is the ultimate girl-girl scene! A woman imagines that her significant other is satisfying her every whim. The actors (Bunnie and Frank) become absorbed in penetrating anal sex and other tantalizing exploits. The steamy, hot shower scene will leave you breathless!

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