Doll Underground, The

Released at: March 27, 2008 by Vivid Alt.
Easily Eon McKai's most anticipated release, ~~The Doll Underground~~, first surfaced virally via anonymous video clips planted throughout the blogosphere. Their message was simple: a call for young women to rise up from their homogenized suburban environments and unite against the tyranny of big business. Inspired by the late 60's activist-turned-militant leftist collective, The Weathermen, ~~The Doll Underground~~ are here to wake up our day-dreaming nation from the financial dictatorship that continues to crush it. Lead by Dorn Adorn (Pixie Pearl), these sexually-charged revolutionaries take refuge in L.A.'s now entombed Belmont Tunnel. Outfitted in Lolita gothic uniforms and strapped with home-made explosives, the dolls plot to take down the owners by any means necessary. Sexually explosive and socially conscious, ~~The Doll Underground~~ sets a shining example that director Eon McKai has defined the zeitgeist of alt-porn.

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