Released at: April 2, 2010 by VCX
After enjoying an afternoon delight, Alan decides that Sally should introduce his friend Robb to the "Flipside" of sex. Sally who is happy to oblige, soon starts cooking with Amber as well. Robb envies Alan's luck with women. Like the time he got picked up in Manhattan by a stunner who made a spectacle of herself, with him, right out in the street! She had a mouth that could have pumped up a tire, and treated Alan well. Another time, Alan was minding Robb's office, when a lady called Fanny arrived and proceeded to live up to her name. But with Miss Lotta (58"DDD) Topp to console him, and a crack at Fanny's Flipside in the offing, Robb never knew he wasn't missing out on much. The non-stop action climaxes in a white-hot 3-way, where Fanny presents both sides of herself to Alan and Robb at once

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Tasha Voux

Scene3: 00:33:02 - 00:46:27 (13:25)

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Lotta Topp

Scene6: 01:14:53 - 01:28:00 (13:07)