Footloose & Featherbound #12

Released at: February 16, 2011 by California Star Productions
Tickling Archipelago, starring Devon Demore and Franchesca. What happens when the travel agent is thoroughly immersed in teaching our world traveler the tickling habits of the natives from Panape? You'll find out In the French Lesson, Brigitte DuBois and Stacy Burke ease the tension of learning a new language when they take a break and venture into a bondage and tickling session. Plenty of beautiful bodies and lithe and lissome feet found here! Brigitte returns with Molly Matthews in Tied, Tickled and Teased. Brigitte renews her friendship with Molly by tying, tickling and teasing her into total submission. She knows that one of her most sensitive spots are her feet, and she loses no time in giving her the pleasure she so readily deserves. In Extreme Tickling, Sirena Scott, Lana and Bruno are found having a bad day at a local video disturber's office. Realizing that Lana has failed to get an important order completed, Bruno describes to tie her and tickle her in numerous positions throughout the office. It's not long before Sirena too is compromised and we find out that things at the office aren't so bad after all! Plenty of beautiful feet to entice our most loyal following.

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