Released at: March 9, 2004 by Vivid
Kira is Glazed and Confused. Gwen (Kira Kener) is sick of taking care of her best friend Bill. All she does is try and make him happy. But ever since his ex-girlfriend tried to kill him, she's had no choice. His self-destructive tendencies seem to know no bounds. Gwen decides to lighten the load by setting Bill up with someone sweet, someone to save him from himself. On the eve of Bill's birthday, Gwen meets a sweet, shy baker named Arzu...who's just the cure for what ails everybody. Arzu agrees to not only bake Bill's cake, but to give him a time around the track as well. Everything's okay, 'till the night of the party, when the past finally catches up with everyone and the real reason Bill can't let of Gwen is revealed once and for all. Total video on DVD 4 hours.

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