Getting Even

Released at: September 1, 2022 by Pure Infatuation
Luna, Jenna and Jenna's boyfriend are having a typical afternoon watching some television. Halfway through a show Jenna's boyfriend steps out for a bit to handle some business. Sensing that this is a good opportunity to get naughty the two ladies decide to start fucking while the boyfriend is away. They kiss with tongues exploring every inch of each other's mouths leading to clothes getting ripped off and revealing the soft flesh underneath. They dive into each other dripping we pussies inhaling the smell and tasting the sweet flavor of each other. They even introduce a fun little toy they had stashed for just his occasion. Everything is going fun until the boyfriend shows up and is furious to see what is happening. The ladies try to calm him down, but he can't be consoled. He decides the only way is to get even and use their tight wet holes anyway he pleases. They ladies are ecstatic at this idea, but a little nervous with how aggressive he is about making sure he gets his due. The boyfriend pounds them like a drum while making sure the other is worshipping someone's holes during the process. Eventually he cums and is satisfied with how things turned out even though he now has to keep and eye on his girlfriend.

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