Guinevere - Panty

Released at: January 17, 2009 by Playtime Video
Non Stop Schoolgirl Panty Action! 1st Time Teenage Panty Doll! Bathroom alone POV! Sock & Panty Changing! Head Game Real Jerk Off for me Talk! No angle Missed! She is one Smart Little Tease! Don't Miss her Tight Little Ass! "It's all about you CUMMING for me" Gwen! 1st time amateur panty tease, 18 year old Guinevere (Sophie Strauss) walks in from school in a cute black skirt, knee socks and sneakers. She shows off her outfit as you look up her skirt at her black panties. "Are you going to give me a big load today?" she asks as she poses over you giving you a clear view of her panties. Now, a little surprise, she slides off her black panties to expose her pink, silk string thong panties and coaxes you to jack off as she now controls the camera privately in her bathroom. "Shoot your come here" as she points at her panty crotch. Bra and panties slowly come off as you pump off on her shaved, moist pussy. Next, Guinevere spreads her legs as you look up her school skirt at her white cotton bikini panties. She tells and shows you how to stroke your dick and you comply because she has you in her spell. Skirt, blouse and bra come off as she grabs the camera and shoves it inside her panties for a nice close-up of her young, tight snatch. She slides off her panties and stands over you before trying on powder blue cotton thong panties. "How would you like to come all over that?" as she points at her ass. Plenty of panty tugging as she gets you off. Lastly, in her bedroom, Guinevere gives you an awesome panty show as she slides off her tight red satin shorts that hide black and red thong panties. "Still jacking off for me?" She coos. She changes into many different panties and poses in every way trying to drain your balls over & over. Live Sound. Full Nudity.

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