Housewives Unleashed 47

Released at: May 31, 2012 by Homegrown Video
**Gianna** is a hot MILF who takes her car to the mechanic. The repair man has a camera and grabs at her tits and ass. She says she needs a "payment plan" because she doesn't have any money. She strips down to her white underwear and gets topless in the back room. She has big tits and she kneels down for a blowjob. This makes him cum right there in her mouth! She spits it out onto her big tits and rubs it in. She lies down on the couch and he grabs her titties as she rubs her pussy. Then she leans back to get her pussy rubbed before he fucks her missionary, doggie style and reverse cowgirl. She kneels on the office floor for more cocksucking and more fucking. **Nicole** - POV Camera man walks in on his wife in bed. He pulls the bedspread up to show off her ass, rub her shaved pussy and finger-bang her. The blonde MILF gets up and give his big dick a POV blowjob, then turns around to get on all fours as hubby fucks her doggie style. She straddles him for some cowgirl fucking while her big tits bounce in his face. Then she turns to the reverse cowgirl position. She rides him until he pulls his big cock out and jizzes on her ass. **Kelly** - Maxxx the cop is doing an outdoor check on a perp, a blonde MILF housewife. He sees her smoking on the side of the house, she drops the joint and when he goes to bust her, she complains about her husband. Since she doesn't want to get busted, she flashes her tits and shows off her ass. She has him grab her tits and while she flirts with him, takes him to the basement where she strips and shows off her body. She gives him a blowjob and they fuck missionary and doggie style ending in a cream pie which she licks up to "destroy the evidence."

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