Kimber & Master Len Captured Sexed Collector Scene

Released at: October 29, 2022 by Edge Interactive
Kimber is a raunchy little slut. Her fantasy is to be captured and made to do all the nasty things she has been thinking about--and her dream comes true in the dungeon. Kimber gets shackled down to a table by Master Len. She wears stockings and a bra with her legs spread wide open. She gets her pussy lips spread apart and spanked. Master Len ties her hair with rope while taunting her. Her pussy is dripping wet from being dominated. She gets a dildo shoved in her pussy and then made to suck her pussy juice off of it. She's made to sit up and sit on two dildos. She moans loudly in pain from the double penetration. Master Len spins the tables around which causes more pain for Kimber. She cries tears of pan while yelling out "yes sir" to everyone of Master Len's commands. She gets bent over and violently finger fucked. She gets her nipples clamped and endures more pain. Kimber is moved over to a big cross that he has for his slaves. She's gagged, tied and pussy clamped. Master Len decides to whip out his dick and shove it in Kimber's mouth. He decides to fuck his submissive little whore doggy style. Kimber finishes her master off by swallowing his cum. If you like limits pushed all the way, then you will love this video! No acting for Kimber; she gets it real.

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