Laurel Canyon & Elle Devyne

Released at: October 16, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
"The Sperm Bank" featuring Lauryl Canyon, Elle Devyne, Mandingo, Byron Long & Rodney- Lauryl Canyon and Elle DeVyne are 2 nurses at the Sperm Bank. Their job is to get guys off and store their sperm in the lab. But Nurse Lauryl is hungry for cum. First they get off Wolfgang, a huge dicked white guy, and he spunks into a test tube. But on the way to the fridge, Lauryl downs his goo. Next 2 monster cocked black guys including Mandingo get thoroughly blown by Elle and Lauryl, who again eats their goo. When Dr.Rodney comes in to see how much they've collected, he's disappointed to find there's no new batches. So once again, he must contribute himself. But Lauryl again gobbles up his blast before he can store it.

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