Missy Minks is FINALLY back for Electrosex!!

Released at: September 23, 2020 by Kink Clips
All natural Missy Minks has been not just afraid of electrosex but terrified of it ever since her very first Wired Pussy shoot. So scared she can't even use a zapper on herself in her webcam shows. It's a hard limit for this collage co-ed. However, on this very special day, I have convinced her to come and play with me. I told her it's really not as bad as she thinks and it's far more difficult to do it to yourself than for someone else to do it to you. I know just what to do with little miss Missy Minks. I put the cute young lady's head in the floor pit so that the anticipation is clouded. For better or for worse (we'll find out which) Missy won't know what's coming or what is about to hit her soft milky white skin.

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