Nude Stars in a Tanning Bed

Released at: January 13, 2020 by Mr. Skin
Whether you find a golden glow incomparably sexy on a woman or think it resembles nothing more than an overripe orange, we can all agree on one point: to get into a tanning bed, first you've got to get nude. So regardless of your preferences, rest assured there's plenty to peep at in Mr. Skin's Nude Stars in a Tanning Bed playlist: First, **Crystal Lowe ** and **Chelan Simmons** are two hot blondes whose Final Breast-ination includes a topless trip to a killer tanning bed in Final Destination 3 (2006). Next, Brit babe **Amanda Donohue** bares every inch as she rolls over in a tanning bed in Lair of the White Worm (1988), **Valerie Donzelli's ** full-frontal flesh is bathed in the blue light of a tanning bed in 7 and (2006), **Maureen Flaherty** shows off her awesome twosome lying in a futuristic tanning bed in Shadowzone (1990), German girl **Sylvia Lefheit** bares her cute strudels as she lies down for a tan in Der Pfundskerl, as do fair frauleins **Lindsay Duncan** in Traffik (1989) and **Laura Osswald** in Seventeen- Madchen sinde de besseren Jungs (2003). Speaking of Ju (n) gs**, Irina Potapenko ** shows us hers-- along with her furry frontal and seat meat--lying in a tanning bed in Mexico (2010), while**Florence Thomassin ** has a very lucky male friend to help rub her down as she gets her rump roasted in a tanning bed in Paddy (1999). Finally, **Marcia Karr** strips down to her thong before settling in for a (literal) killer tan in Killer Workout (1984), French fox **Clementine Celarie** goes for a tan with a topless gal pal in Les Nanas (1985), and tight, toned Euro babe** Viviane Bartsch** has a giggle with an equally naked gal pal while tanning naked in Models (1999).

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