Puppet Master Portal Redux

Released at: November 20, 2017 by MissaX
I didn't know there was any sort of problem. Mom acted a little more concerned for me than usual, but she's always been the type to hover. Single mothers are like that, they over protect, they cling, they have to love their son enough for two parents. Mom had my auntie over to have drinks and gossip, they do it every Friday night. I know it's a little fucked up, but I sometimes like to watch them through the rails of the stairway and pretend that I am inside my Mom fucking my aunt. It's okay to have fetishes, I read all about them online, everyone has a fetish but we don't talk about them. It's taboo. It's secret. It's totally mine, special. My mom's mood was off, she was quiet, she was contemplative, and Aunt Lyra noticed the difference in her. My mom started to confess, "it's my son," I leaned in, interested in every word, "he's been acting strange." She went on to explain how I've had a fascination with her dirty panties. I held my breath. How could she have known, maybe I have been too careless lately in covering my steps. My mom explained that she had to send me to a boarding school for the gifted, "it's the best thing for both of us right now." Aunt Lyra tried to explain that I am an intelligent boy, and that all young intelligent boys are a little eccentric. Mom didn't want to hear it, she had made up her mind when she saw my science experiments in my room. The air escaped from my lungs, I wanted to push out the embarrassing ache. I don't know what else to do than to try my experiment earlier than planned. I need to be able to take control over her whenever I want to. I swear to you, I didn't have any perverted intentions, I just wanted to save myself from being shipped off to another country, away from my family, my friends, and my freedom. I was desperate. I looked at the closet door, the opening to the portal, and the excitement took over. I don't remember grabbing the stem cell penis, my adrenaline was pumping hard and fast. I was letting my instinct take over. I was going to fulfill my every fantasy. I felt powerful when I slipped through the portal, crawling through the tunnel on my stomach, pushing the weight of my body forward with my forearms, the light at the end was attainable. I was sweating, the air was thick, humid, but I was determined to reach the end. I broke through the other side and felt a martini glass slip from my hand and fall to the floor, *crash* it shattered into pieces. My new body felt lighter, sensitive, and I looked through her eyes, my mothers eyes, the lashes felt heavier on my eyelids. I saw my Aunt Lyra, she was blurry at first, then she came into focus. I felt her grab my hand in concern, "Adria," she said, "are you okay," and I tried to respond but I couldn't move my lips. I focused on her body and slid my arm out from the sleeve of my mother's skin and pushed the penis through. It felt good, as if I was stroking myself with my mother's delicate, warm insides. I wanted my Aunt. I was going to feel her through my mother's body. It's my first time experiencing a brand new body and I want to feel everything. I have an insatiable thirst, my Aunt's body will relieve me, and I will take her.

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