Rookie Cookies 4

Released at: April 27, 2000 by Elegant Angel
Welcome to another 100% Natural Breast Fuck-Flick! All 4 girls in this movie truly love to fuck! Let me know, what you think of my movie! David "Cookie man" Luger. The adventure begins with **Nature Blossom**, a horny 18 year old from the deep south, appearing in her 3rd scene!! After providing me with one of the most memorable "Interviews" of this series, her tight teenage pussy milks Tyce Bune's middle-aged cock for 2 Cumshots!! **Julianna Sterling's** 20 years-old & another horny girl from the deep south! She loves to tease & please. She's the kind of sexually aggressive girl I used to fantasize about meeting as a teenager! (I guess I should have been born down south!) **Charlene Aspen's** a 24 year-old hispanic lovely from New York. After just a few months in porn, she's earned a reputation for out-fucking all her male co-stars. So, I put her with Lexington Steele, a guy known for out-fucking all his female co-stars. You decide who out fucks who here! **Allysa Haven's** a 20 year-old beach bunny from sunny California. This is her 2nd scene! She looks so sweet and innocent, as if she just stepped out of a college classroom, which is exactly what she did!! 2001 AVN Award Nominee for "Best Pro-Am or Amateur Tape"

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