Shy Love

Released at: October 13, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
"Compulsive Cock Sucker" featuring Shy Love & Howard Ramone- In this classic scene from I Survived A Rodney Blast 2: Shy Love has a problem. She's a compulsive cocksucker. Well, it wasn't such a problem before since most of the guys she attacked on the street didn't mind a hot sexy girl suddenly dropping to her knees and sucking the jism out of their joints. But when she stopped that cop down on 34th and Vine, he broke her little bottle of.... no wait, that's an old song by the Searchers. But she did try to blow an undercover cop, who busted her. Now the judge says she'll have to go to jail unless she can get therapy. Meanwhile, she has to wear a mask over her mouth. Can Dr. Howard Ramone (with a new hair cut) help her? You figure it out.

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