SM Lesbian Ecstasy

Released at: December 5, 2008 by Asian SM
So, there are a lot of dudes in this "lesbian film"... No matter, you'll see beautiful Asian women bound, teased and fucked in the most inaccurately titled movie I've seen in a while. The first scene is the only actual lesbian scene you'll see as two hot chicks make use of a big double dong. After that you've got five dark scenes where **Japanese girls are dominated and used by their masters.** You'll see rope bondage, ball gags, nose tease, hot wax, relentless spanking, and even two girls kissing! If you're looking for hot girl on girl action, I'd go elsewhere. However, if you want to see **innocent Asian girls bound** in gorgeous rope - this flick is perfect!

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Scene1: 00:02:35 - 00:09:46 (7:11)

Scene2: 00:09:52 - 00:28:31 (18:39)

Scene3: 00:28:36 - 00:39:09 (10:33)

Scene4: 00:39:11 - 00:47:11 (8:00)

Scene5: 00:47:13 - 00:54:30 (7:17)

Scene6: 00:54:33 - 00:57:40 (3:07)