Space Girls!

Released at: February 2, 2009 by Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
Get ready for something like you've never seen before! This is a break-through video, not only for Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment, but for the entire genre. This is such a special production we had to set it apart: We've created a new series, CPX for Chelsea Pfeiffer Extravaganza! With a carefully crafted script, expert camera work, diligent editing, super special effects, an original film score, scintillatingly sexy costumes, skillful acting and ATOMIC SPANKINGS, "SpaceGirls!" is so far above and beyond it's out of this world. This isn't just a video, it's a spanking MOVIE! Skyla and Starla, played to blonde, bubble-bottomed perfection by Pixie and Ashley Fires are spacegirls from the planet Callipygios where spanking is the form of sexual expression...and they're very OVER-SEXED! They've come to Earth because they heard that Earth people practice something called "discipline spanking", which they understand to be very intense. In search of sexual adventure, the spacegirls soon find themselves in a whole heap of trouble. Agent 00X, played by Chelsea Pfeiffer, tracks down, captures and ultimately gives the runaway spacegirls not only the discipline spankings they so richly deserve, but a couple of "twizzlings", as well! Don't miss this exciting video!

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