Stocking Secrets 3

Released at: March 17, 2004 by Smash Pictures / Pink Velvet
When beautiful women claim they're wearing their silkiest, sheerest stockings only because they feel so good on, they're telling you a half-truth. They're right! They do feel wonderful on their soft, curvaceous legs but they're also wearing their sensuous, silky-wares for another reason. They're wearing them for you. In ~~Stocking Secrets #3~~ you'll enjoy the breath-taking beauty of Penthouse Magazine model, Kira Eggers, as she slips in and out of her most provocative and eye-pleasing wares. And then, gorgeous leg-queen Terri Summers takes her turn on showing you her barest essentials. ~~Stocking Secrets #3~~ is our sexiest, leggiest, sheerest stocking fantasy yet. Kira and Terri are guaranteed to please!

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