Tease Her Please Her

Released at: December 27, 2010 by Maiko Pictures
Tease her, please her, and when she's had enough you can cream her! Ai Kawahara, Hitome Kume, Kei Ikejiri, Mayumi Fujimaki, and Kasumi Minsawa! They're eager for sex, and his movie is loaded with over four hours of amazing scenes complete with a overload of cream pie. So much that you don't even have to wait a second to watch it slowly ooze out of her juicy, tight snatch!

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Scene1: 00:52:26 - 01:50:58 (58:32)

Scene2: 01:50:59 - 02:51:23 (1:00:24)

Scene3: 02:51:24 - 03:47:28 (56:04)

Scene4: 03:47:29 - 04:48:00 (1:00:31)