Teen Brazil #2

Released at: July 23, 2007 by Third World Media
Teen Brazil is one of several hot new series from Third World Media. Teen Brazil #2 follows in the footsteps of volume 1, bringing you the freshest, youngest and most eager Latinas from our very friendly neighbors far south of the border. These girls are born and bred with fire in their blood and a yearning in their G-strings for fat hard cock. There are no rules when these girls play; its no holds barred and all open holes are prime real estate ready for development. Tina is our Cover Girl for this volume. "Tiny Tina," is what her friends call this cute 18 year-old with petite and tight body, milky white skin, perky tits and young budding pink nipples. As tiny as Tina may be, it doesn't stop her from dating black guys who are twice her size and carrying ammo capable of splitting girls more than twice her own size in half. After a quick massage to relieve her man's stress, she promptly ingests about half of his 11 inch black monster. She licks his balls like some cheap chocolate candy, before he crams his entire package in her young and very pink pussy. Her clit responds quickly by puffing up and her ass quivers as it anticipates the arrival of his man hog. He destroys her little ass before pulling out and dribbling a thick load right into her tiny, yet eager mouth. Juliana and Paula have been best friends for a long time and enjoy sharing everything together. Juliana is blonde with a thick juicy body, big tits, and piercing in her lip, tongue and nipples. Paula is a skinny brunette with long sexy legs and young puffy nipples. Both girls have perfect golden skin with erotic tan lines. As best friends they love kissing and fondling each other quite a bit, but what they truly crave is big cocks to share amongst themselves. A hairy Amazonian dude with an 11-inch fat cock gives these teenagers something to experiment with. Like two kids with a new toy, they curiously suck and swallow his manhood as he starts to warm each teen up. As he fucks one, the other spanks her friend's ass and pulls out his fat cock in order to get a lick of the other's yummy juices. He rips into both of there asses next, as they lick each others pussies and shake with excitement and pleasure. In the spirit of true friendship, they finish by sharing a mouthful of Gorilla-man's massive load. Viviane is a super exotic looking 19-year-old Latina with dark skin, dark eyes, dark nipples and a thick round ass mounted on a very small frame. Her body is rock hard and her pussy is a bright shade of pink inside. She is a very sexy dancer and really knows how to shake her ass in order to get the guys attention. Her two boyfriends show up at her apartment. She teases them in her white negligee before sucking them both at the same time. These two guys combined are packing close to 20 inches total, yet this small girl handles it in her pussy and ass just like a much older and experienced slut would. After a hard round of anal, they both cum in her smiling and now dripping white mouth. Lais, unlike many of her Brazilian friends, has been a good girl until she recently turned 18 and decided it was time to blossom into womanhood. She is very quiet, shy, and sometimes a little giggly- just like the true first timer she is. She has a very slender and fit body with long legs, firm young tits and a perfect round little bubble butt. Her untapped pussy is still an unscathed, bright orange color inside. Her innocence disappears quickly as our stud fingers her moist pussy and feeds her a sampling of herself from his own fingertips. He goes slowly with this newbie, even though he truly wants to rip into her young fresh meat. He breaks her airtight box open and fucks it softly as her asshole naturally opens up, indicating that the time has come for her anal flower to be pollinated. She likes the feeling of a cock in her ass, as she groans in timid pleasure. She receives her first load of cum all over her pretty face. She took some very important steps toward becoming a woman today... Gisele is approaching her 20th birthday and has lived a pampered life so far. This thick blonde has spent much of her youth devouring fatty Brazilian barbeque, which has aided her in developing the thick ass that she packs into her tight pants. She has bright blonde hair and pink pointy nipples. Since moving to Rio by herself, she has had to support her expensive taste by doing outcalls. Two guys order up this thick treat and she sucks them both like she is devouring a lamb shish kabob. Her pussy puffs up and her clit stands at attention as the guys spread her legs and spit repeatedly into her thick pussy and ass. This is simply warm up for the main course where both guys plug this piglet (DP) and hand feed her two servings of creamy-white Brazilian flan for desert. How very content she is....

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