Teen Brazil #7

Released at: January 23, 2009 by Third World Media
**2010 AVN Award Nominee for Best Ethnic-Themed Release - Latin. ** Hard cocks and Teens from Brazil go together like whip cream and hot chocolate. Put a meaty shlong in the vicinity of one of these Brazilian teens and magic starts happening really fast!!!! Nicole is a very young and very hot Brazilian. She is brunette with a skinny body and tan skin. She likes her men a few shades darker than she is, and her and her black boyfriend can hardly wait to get home before she starts sucking his black monster while he drives. He pulls over to ram her pussy full of black finger and a bit of his cock as well from across the center console. Her body is tight and her tits are small. Her pussy is neatly shaven and her deep hunger for well done meat is obvious, as she gets on her knees and swallows his entire dark dong. Her hips are on high speed, as her skinny pussy sucks up every bit of his shaft. She pulls his cock out of her pussy and sucks it clean, before shoving his cock deep down her own ass chute. Her shitter is about to snap, as her skinny midesction buldges with black cock. Her pink slice widens as he rams her ass deeper and pulls out to deposit a thick one straight into her malnourished oral orifice. She showers clean and brushes her teeth really well to get rid of all the excess cum. Paula is our super hot Latina cover babe. She has long long legs and dark sexy hair. She does not believe in wearing a bra, and is always showing off her pretty tits to curious passerbys. She meets up with her man friend and takes him back to her place. She shows off her perky nipples and rubs her own hairless and very puffy pussy. She licks her mans hard white cock like a piece of delicious candy. This youngster has been trained well and is not a bit shy as she starts off with fresh licks of her own pussy juice off of his stick. She screams and moans, hungry for more cock in both her front and back doors. Her ass is as soft as her pussy, which begs for even more cock, as her man answers the call and splits her bunghole in 2. He punishes her shitter for a while, before her youth gets to him and he pulls out, splilling a watery load all over her gaping bung. He sticks it back in to feed some fresh cum to her starving anus. She showers, changes and heads home for today. Anne and Kelly are girlfriends who enjoy much more together than just your average friendship. Anne is blonde with a little baby fat while Kelly is thin and very Latina, with perky young tits and a baby face. The two love the feel of each others pierced tongues on their clits and especially how their hairless beavers feel as they grind together. What they love even more though is sharing their mutual black boyfriend together. They kiss each other as they each take turns licking his big black lollipop. Anne shares with Kelly a couple of quick tips to help her in her quest to properly deep throat a massive black banana. Kelly goes for his nuts as Anne sucks deep on his shaft, before he plugs Anns pussy from behind and then shoves his feshly dipped ding-dong down Kellys throat. He slams one girls pussy while the other licks her ass and he finally pulls his cock out of Kellys young hole and aims it straight at Annes mouth; blowing a hefty load that reaks of young pussy. They all shower clean.... Bianca is a very sexy Latina with long legs and a tight body. Her hairless pussy is filled with squirt, that her black boyfriend loves to splash around the room. She likes her sex a little rough and makes her pretty body available for any kind of play her gangsta boyfriend maybe looking for. He fucks her pretty face for a while, before splittin her asshole open and slamming both her front and rear doors. He batters both her portals, pulling out of her sweet shitter and quickly drilling out her willing mouth. He rams her ass and pussy till they turn a light shade of red, before pulling out of her popper and dropping off a batch of fertile seed in her torn open vagina. The two jump into the shower with little intention of getting clean, but rather continue to fuck and soil things up even worse. Lucia is a small blonde girl with short hair and a very sexy look about her. She is doing some test pics for our photographer, who quickly gets tempted by the pure sexuality of this Brazilian Teen. She grabs his shaft and sucks it very deep and long. He peels her g-string aside, licking her hairless white fuck hole. He splits her flowery pink and wastes little time before getting to her buttery white anus. He goes back and forth, finally ending up leaving her a cream pie for her torn up bung hole to enjoy. Cum drips from her ass as the two kiss and say goodbye.

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