Tough Love 4

Released at: March 24, 2022 by Tough Love X
What a little cock fiend. She is just as playful and colorful as the smoke she was dancing with when I found her. And all she wanted was to take my her mouth, in her pussy. Hell, she almost couldn't take her eyes off of it. Who was I to say no? I rammed her pussy deep and hard and filled her up. Sometimes, ya just gotta play. What happens when a virus that threatens to destroy mankind hits? Karl Toughlove hits back and discovers the only cure is...FUCKING! When he can't reach everyone via social media to let them know the cure is in their genitals, he makes an art film with Sidra Sage. The only problem is it was never released. At least not until now... September's subconscious was out of control. She couldn't see clearly. She didn't know what path she was on or where she was. Oh, nightmares can be unsettling, scary, confusing. Somewhere in the dark, she caught a glimpse of what she needed, and she let her mind take a sharp turn in that direction. You see, sweet dreams are made of me. Look Ma. No hands. Sure, these chicks can say they love to suck cock and that it makes them wet and horny. I am here to make them prove it. That's right. Stare at me until those eyes tear while you make a choice between cock or air. By the time we are through, Tough Love will make a true cock lover out of you. I went into the parking garage and stepped into some kind of parallel universe. At least that's the way it seems. I met a chick that I swear is me in female form. Dear God, she was the studliest pussy I ever laid my eyes on. The next time someone tells me to go fuck myself, I can look them straight in the eye and say, "I already have. And it was spectacular."

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