Trisha Cole & Ciara Dawn

Released at: May 15, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
**"Want Ad Girls "** featuring Trisha, Ciara & Rodney Moore - Trisha answers Rodney's ad for girls with pretty feet to film. She's late and Rodney was supposed to have another appointment but she really wants her feet sucked. She talks him into filming her instead by rubbing her feet on his cock and getting him super hard. He sucks on her toes and before long she's sucking on his cock as well. Then suddenly, there's a knock at the door. It's Rodney's other appointment, Ciara. She's got pretty, suckable feet too. Rodney discreetly leads her into the other room and sucks on her toes. Before long he sucking on her twat as well. Now he's got a girl in each room. He goes back and forth sucking on feet and getting his cocked sucked. Eventually his rod finds its way intoCiara's pussy. Trisha gets suspicious when Rodney's cock is wet especially when it tastes like pussy. Finally he's found out when Trisha follows him into the other room. She doesn't seem to be too mad that Rodney's been sucking on someone else's toes. She climbs on top and plants her pussy right down on Trisha's face. Now both girls suck on his cock and he takes turns ramming each one of them. They even suck each others toes while he's banging them. In the end, Rodney spews a gallon of goo all over Trisha's sexy foot. Ciara joyously laps it up sucking up all that cream from between each little digit.

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