VIP 54

Released at: March 30, 2005 by Vivid
Dancing Starts At 2. Mercedez Starts At 4. In this wonderful paean to the go-go days of the late 70's, Mercedez is in the mood to hit the town. When her boyfriend Evan doesn't want to go, Mercedez decides to meet up with friends at the new hotspot in town. Upon her arrival she realizes that this is no ordinary club. It's wild. Voodoo, Julian and Nicole are having live sex. They're balling on the bartops...hell, even the john is flush with action! Chatting with the bartender, Mercedez assures him that nothing shocks her. And when Evan pops in, she proves it to both of them...simultaneously. ~~VIP 54~~. Nothing like that other studio...

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